Is it a game or a simulator?

In fact, it's a little bit of both!

Four years ago we built the original FireJumpers - Wildfire RTS as a mobile game. A few months after the launch, we were contracted by our Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to build them an Air Attack Officer training module using FireJumpers as the platform. From that experience, we continued to refine the simulator via FireJumpers Sandbox, using it as our own testing grounds for two years as we added features and ironed out the bugs. Last November 2015, we began building FireJumpersPRO.

We listen to you

The main purpose of FireJumpersPRO is to give wildland firefighting agencies a great and affordable simulator. After speaking with countless wildland firefighters over the years, we were able to incorporate many of their ideas into FireJumpersPRO, such as being able to train on GIS maps of their familiar areas, to customize their units to better reflect their squad capabilities, to have a dynamic randomized fire model to keep things different everytime and to be able to manipulate weather conditions and terrain properties. Basically, FireJumpersPRO is the combination of a fire spread model with a fire suppression model. Agencies also have access to detailed analytics such as hectars on fire, hectars burnt, total water used per unit (and combined), total chains cut and more!

Keeping things affordable

FireJumpersPRO is affordable, we didn't want high costs to be an obstacle. For less than your cell phone bill, any agency can jump right in without committing thousands of dollars. It's also easy to use, there's no downloading or installing or setting things up. You simply use it in your browser! It's also available on Android devices and soon to iPhone/iPads. A training session can hold up to 45 simultaneous users, so we figured that agencies may not have enough computers, but everyone has a phone!

Imagine this for a moment!

Imagine what your training session would look like with an online and mobile wildland firefighting simulator at your fingertips. Everyone can participate in this highly interactive & cooperative simulator. No one needs to be on the sidelines watching with their hands in their pockets. Imagine everyone doing their small part, with the tools to coordinate teams, and they don't all need to be in the same room.

Do you have a current fire situation now? Would debriefing on a custom GIS map of your situation using units specifically designed to reflect your squad capabilities help right now? This is how we believe FireJumpersPRO can be of benefit to any wildland firefighting agency!

Still on the fence? Try before you buy!

We know we're the new kid on the block, and there can some apprehension to commit limited resources to something new. So we made sure that you could create a free user account and give it a test drive. You'll see for yourself that FireJumpersPRO delivers a top notch simulator and with a monthly option, you only pay when you need it. So what are you waiting for? Try it online now at We suggest watching a few of the video tutorials first, so you can take better advantage of all the features FireJumpersPRO has to offer.

(optimized for Chrome)

Pricing Packages

Our goal is to offer a great training simulator that is both flexible and scalable so that any agency can afford it. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars up front for a training tool, we decided to offer Time Tokens that a user or agency can purchase to unlock all features for a specific amount of time. Only pay for the time you need! For less than your cell phone bill, you'll have unlimited access to one of the most dynamic and interactive wildland firefighting simulators available!

All Time Tokens include unlimited access to all features:

Create private rooms with agency level access
Create & use an unlimited number of custom units using the Unit Editor tool
Access to the Terrain Editor to customize scenarios
Access to the Wind Indicator to update speed and direction
Access to Time Scale slider (to accelerate time up to 100x)

Single User
Time Tokens

$0.99 US for 7 Day Token
$4.99 US for 30 Day Token
$9.99 US for 90 Day Token
$29.99 US for 365 Day Token

Time Tokens

$7.99 US for a bundle of TEN 7 Day Tokens
$39.99 US for a bundle of TEN 30 Day Tokens
$79.99 US for a bundle of TEN 90 Day Tokens
(+1 free custom US map)
$224.99 US for a bundle of TEN 365 Day Tokens
(+3 free custom US map)

1 Custom GIS map
of your local area

$49 US per map
Maps outside of US, please contact
(approx size is 10x10 square miles)

All Time Tokens can be purchased online at Also, Time Tokens are transferrable between users. In other words, an agency can purchase several Time Tokens and then distribute them to their members from within FireJumpersPRO.